“There was no history of my ever purchasing it,
or ever owning it,” said one confused NFT buyer.
“Now there’s nothing. My money’s gone.”

- Ben Munster, Vice, March 29, 2021

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VICE has identified parts of the problem.

  • But the NFT accountability problem is even bigger than that.
  • It all started when Blockchain got everyone excited about the amazing capabilities of asymmetric cryptography.
  • NFT is one of many things that show that building a real world ecosystem around an amazing technology takes more than excitement about the amazing technology.
  • NFTs are made possible by the fact that any digital object can be digitally signed, and blockchain binds the act of signing to an immutable ledger. So far so good.

But who did the signing? The person who claims ownership of the digital object? Or simply the person (or process) that controls the signing key?

If I grab an image or a video off the web and sign it before its creator does, does that mean I’m its creator? If the real creator later signs it, does that turn the real creator into a faker?

Art collectors have always considered “provenance” to be the most important word in their vocabulary.

Vague terms like “a private collector in Sweden” raise eyebrows – and reduce the value of the artwork.

Who really created the artwork?

When and where was it created?

Who did they give or bequeath or sell it to, and when? And after that, who took possession next, and when? What’s the whole chain of provenance?

Blockchain enthusiasts are beginning to learn that asymmetric cryptography is part of something that answers questions of provenance – and which answers a lot of other questions that blockchain has left unanswered.

What is that other something that’s built on asymmetric cryptography?

Answer: That other something that’s built on asymmetric cryptography is PKI.

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